Lumir Board – a smooth and even ceiling quickly, no seams or colour irregularities

Lumir Board is a quick and easy solution when you want a seamless, acoustical suspended ceiling. The purpose-made Knauf Cleneo Lumir panels are sprayed with a 6 mm-layer of Lumir spray. No need to install wool panels, no planing or filling. You’ll have a surface result that is even, uniform and seamless, and there are no colour irregularities. The Lumir Board suspended ceiling system is also great for the acoustics of vertical surfaces. Lumir Board absorbs high- and low-frequency sounds effectively. The system improves acoustics in the room by reducing reverberation time.

Seamless, smooth and even-coloured

Choose the level of smoothness. The Lumir Spray acoustic surface can be tinted using the RAL or NCS colour charts, so it adapts comfortably to different decorative styles. Thanks to its air tight structure, the Lumir Board suspended ceiling retains its colour. You’ll have a surface result that is even, uniform and seamless.

It saves time and effort

The Lumir Board suspended ceiling system is quick and easy to install because the seams do not need smoothing. Applying the spray on seamless surface is fast with the purpose-made and efficient spraying equipment that allows finishing large surface areas in a day.

Durable and workable

Natural binders give flexibility to the Lumir surface. The result is a tough and durable surface. Lumir Board can take a dint, it can be easily smoothed out and repaired.

A safe material

The reaction-to-fire performance classification of Lumir Spray is B-s1.d0. It is a zero-emission, class M1 product, tested by the VTT and the Finnish Institute of Occupational Health.


  • Completely even surface for e.g. suspended ceilings – no seams and colour irregularities


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