Lumir in major scientific journals

Marika LangGeneral

In collaboration with Aalto University, Lumir is involved in two new major scientific publications that investigated alternative biomaterials for sound absorption.

The first study investigated the use of cryogels made of pectin as sound absorption materials. The developed cryogels are very light structures and the study showed that they have a high compression modulus, low thermal conductivity and excellent sound absorption properties. The study maximizing sound absorption, thermal insulation, and mechanical strength of anisotropic pectin cryogels has been published in the prestigious Chemical Engineering Journal scientific journal.

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In the second study, we manufactured and studied the sound absorption and mechanical properties of fully bio-based materials made from wood waste cutter chips, cellulose fibers and pulp powder. The study Preparation of fully bio-based sound absorbers from waste wood and pulp fibers by foam forming has been published in the journal BioResources. Link to the article:  

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Jose Cucharero Moya, acoustic engineer/doctoral student,