Lumir Comfort – our carbon negative acoustic coating

Marika LangGeneral

At Lumir, we are constantly developing new carbon-negative acoustic solutions to reduce the carbon footprint of construction. Lumir Comfort is officially a carbon-negative acoustic coating thanks to a recent certification. The lifecycle analysis of our Lumir Comfort is complete and our production is now officially carbon negative. In practice, more carbon is then bound than it is released into the … Read More

New study published


Efficiency, sustainability, and customer support are key factors for Lumir. We have recently published a study on the optimal location of porous sound absorbers that allows reaching the target room acoustical parameters using the minimum amount of material. If you believe that corners are the optimal placement for porous sound absorbers you might want to take a look at this … Read More

Lumir and SIINNE acoustic lighting in the Arctic Council meeting in Rovaniemi


We got to present our products alongside with SIINNE acoustic lighting in the Arctic Council meeting in Rovaniemi. The Arctic Council promotes sustainable development and the visitors of the meeting were showcased arctic know-how. We collaborate with different designers as we would like to offer better acoustic as part of different kind of solutions. SIINNE acoustics combines acoustics and light … Read More

Case Study on Bio-Based Success Stories


The European Commission has published Case Studies on Bio-Based Success Stories. There is 15 Success Stories, Lumir Spray being one of them. The case study aims to provide concrete examples of bio-based consepts that are innovative and fairly new in the market. You can find the whole study here.

Reverberation time reduced in HifiStudio´s store


We installed Lumir on Hifistudio´s store surface and measured reverberation time before and after. Jarmo Nevari from HifiStudio is pleased with the work: “Our store in Helsinki is especially challenging when it comes to acoustics. The acoustic work we did with Lumir has reduced reverberation time by half. Lumir can be installed to homes or to public spaces and you … Read More

Lumir in Rakennuslehti 7 Sept


”Lumir puts an end to reverberation” An article about Lumir, published 7 Sept in Rakennuslehti. The article highlights our innovative products and product development. “This company does exactly what the present government wishes more companies did, that is, it develops innovative products for the bio industry.” Rakennuslehti’s article tells the story of Lumir and what’s going on today, and what … Read More

Welcome to Koko perheen metsäpäivä 15 Sept in Kerava


See us at Koko perheen metsäpäivä 15.9. in Kerava. The event has information, things to do and skills demonstrations for the whole family. The event is organised on Saturday 15 September at 10 am – 4 pm in the Keinukallio sports park in Kerava. The address is Keinukalliontie 42. More about the event on Stora Enso’s website. See you there!