Outstanding acoustics

Lumir is suitable for any space that needs better acoustics: e.g. schools, kindergartens, agencies, hospitals, offices, hotels, restaurants, churches and cultural institutions can all benefit from reduced reverberation.


Reverberation is caused when sound reflects from surfaces.

  • Reverberation is affected by the shape and materials of a room or space.
  • Materials that absorb sound can shorten the reverberation time.
  • Absorption coefficient α is used to describe how materials affect the reverberation time.
  • If a surface absorbs sounds well the value of α is 1, and if the absorption is poor then the value of α is 0.
  • Absorption value varies with frequency.

Lumir improves the usability of a space

Acoustics have an impact on the usability and comfort of spaces, on how we work, concentrate and understand. Good acoustics may go completely unnoticed – poor acoustics such as too strong reverberation can make a space useless.

If a surface has poor sound absorption, it reflects the sound back into the space making the reverberation time long.  This in turn makes it very difficult to understand speech and has a negative effect on working, learning and comfort. That’s why poor acoustics is a waste of time and money.

Lumir acoustics are created using a Lumir Board bottom plate that absorbs low frequencies and a Lumir acoustic coating that absorbs high frequencies. The surface is hard and durable unlike a wool panel surface.