Baskeri & Basso Kulma ravintola

Marika Lang

Baskeri & Basso Kulma ravintola, Helsinki

For BasBas Kulma restaurant, you should book a table early, that’s how popular the bistro is. Lumir had the honour to spray the magnificent concrete suspended ceiling of the restaurant property at Tehtaankatu 27-29 during the summer break.

Acoustic solution: the atmosphere of the bistro includes cheerful chatter and the space was to be acoustic treated appropriately, not too much. The Lumir Comfort acoustic coating was sprayed directly onto the wavy concrete ceiling and the surface structure was left as a spray surface, which suits the rough atmosphere of the space very well.

The figure below shows the results of reverberation time measurements by octave band. When the acoustic solution was installed, reverberation time dropped by about 0.2 seconds in the frequency range > 500 Hz. This frequency range includes the main speech frequencies and the jingling of dishes. Based on the measurement results, Lumir’s acoustic solution at the Baskeri & Basso restaurant works according to plans.