EduCity campus

Marika Lang

EduCity campus, Kupittaa, Turku

Lumir implemented approximately 2000 m2 of mainly acoustic walls with numerous different colors for the EduCity campus in Turku. Lumir’s bio-based carbon-negative acoustic solutions can be found in several shades in conference rooms, concrete walls, and dark access bridges are also acoustic sprayed with Lumir Comfort acoustic coating. As an acoustic base material for walls and access bridges, LB, or Lumir Board (perforated gypsum), has been used under the coating.

Spatial solutions, glass walls, wooden surfaces, lush outdoor terraces and versatile interior and technology solutions embody the principles that guided the design of the building, such as easy accessibility, promotion of well-being and sustainable development. Room acoustics are an essential factor affecting the general well-being of users, and Lumir’s acoustic solutions are also carbon-negative, which contributes to sustainable construction.

Pictures: Vesa Loikas/Sigge Arkkitehdit