Kuru Private Resort

Marika Lang

Kuru Private Resort, Rantasalmi, Saimaa

At Kuru Private Resort, adult guests are offered peace and a chance to relax in the midst of hectic everyday life. Room acoustics are essential for people’s well-being and Lumir was able to create a harmonious soundscape in both restaurant and lounges. The spaces are high and the slanted ceilings are acoustically challenging. A Lumir Board acoustics solution was installed in the ceilings.

According to the staff, the soundscape of the space is now very pleasant and harmonious. For guests who enjoy the dinner table, it is very important that they can chat with each other without disturbing reverberality or other background noise.

The soundscape should always be in harmony with the rest of the service promise, as in Kuru’s case – “as our guest, you can calm down and relax”.

Link to the website: Kuru Private Resort (kururesort.com)