Private home

Marika Lang

Private home, Tammisalo, Helsinki

Lumir acoustic solution: Lumir Wool (LW 20 mm) and Lumir Comfort, seamless acoustic coating on the ceiling and Lumir Comfort acoustic coating sprayed directly on one wall (8-10 mm layer).

“I’m really happy with Lumir’s acoustics solution. Our house has a lot of window area, height and challenging shapes. For example, the ceiling could not be lowered much because of the windows. Lumir designed a creative acoustic solution for us so that we put a thinner solution in the ceiling because of the windows and also acousticed one wall in the living area. The room acoustic is now really pleasant and aesthetically the surfaces match perfectly with the style of our house. Lumir’s project team was very professional and kept to the schedules well. I am very happy to recommend Lumir for similar home renovation projects”. Pasi Ponsi.

The reverberation time show excellent results in room acoustics after the renovation (see picture of results below).