Lumir Board – Safe and seamless acoustic walls and ceilings with quick installation

Lumir’s acoustic solutions reduce reverberation in homes, public spaces, schools, offices and shops – sustainably and neatly. They are suitable for new builds as well as renovations. You can choose the colours and surface materials.


Quick installation saves time and effort

Lumir Board is a fast and easy solution when you want a seamless acoustic wall or a suspended ceiling. The purpose-made Lumir panels are attached to a metal stud or a wood frame and then coated with a 6 mm layer of Lumir Spray or Comfort 8 mm. The seamless surface can be quickly coated with our effective spraying equipment. Finishes on larger surfaces are also done swiftly and efficiently.

Lumir saves your time. No need to install wool panels, no planing or filling.

Installing Lumir is actually easier than painting a gypsum plaster board ceiling.

Seamless and smooth with even colours

Surface texture of your choice from rough to smooth. The Lumir Board’s Spray surface can be tinted using the RAL or NCS colours, so it adapts comfortably to different decorative styles.

Thanks to its structure, Lumir Board doesn’t lose its colour over time. You’ll have an even and seamless surface with intact colours.

Durable and workable

Natural binders make the Lumir surface flexible. The result is a tough and durable surface. Lumir Board can take a dint, it can be easily smoothed out and repaired.

Lumir Board is also great for walls. The surface is shockproof, so it can be installed on e.g. sports hall walls.

A safe material

The reaction-to-fire classification of Lumir Board with coating is B-s1-d0. It’s a low-emission, class M1 product, tested by the VTT and the Finnish Institute of Occupational Health. Lumir does not form formaldehyde or VOC emissions. A bio-based product, Lumir also stabilises indoor air humidity levels.

The Lumir acoustic coating is mainly made of Finnish wood fibres. Binding agents are also derived from plants.


Lumir Board – Facts


absorption coefficient


Reaction to fire

 B-s1-d0 (EN 13501-1)


 With a vacuum cleaner, with a dry or damp wipe.


 Biofibre-based from Finland. Plant-based binding agents.

Indoor air quality

 M1 classification, tested by the VTT and the Finnish Institute of Occupational Health.

 Does not form formaldehyde or VOC emissions.


 A tough structure suitable for example for sports hall ceilings.


  • A completely even surface e.g. for suspended ceilings – seamless and intact colours
  • For private and public spaces
  • For new builds and renovations

See more examples here.


Coolia Lumir

Coolia Lumir ceiling cooling system provides a new way to cool the air inside buildings and improve the acoustics

Coolia Lumir is an acoustic and completely seamless suspended ceiling with a hydronic cooling system. The base of the ceiling is a Warmia Coolia acoustic panel sprayed with the Lumir Comfort coating. The system dampens reverberation effectively without losing any cooling or heating capacity.

The hydronic Coolia ceiling is a new and modern way to cool indoor air. It is based on the same radiant technology used to heat floors making it silent and draughtless, not to mention compact in size. It is also suitable for heating which saves costs in some locations.

Developed in Finland, Lumir Comfort is a surface coating, made mainly from Finnish biofibres. As with other Lumir products, the seamless Coolia Lumir cooling suspended ceiling can be tinted with the RAL or NCS colours.

Lumir Comfort coating

Lumir Comfort 8 mm acoustic coating for “hard” surfaces

Lumir Comfort 8 mm coating is created to be sprayed directly on e.g. plasterboard, concrete and other surfaces that don’t have the Lumir Board bottom plate. Lumir Comfort 8 is more porous than Lumir Spray.

The surface texture of Lumir Comfort can be moulded and tinted with the RAL or NCS colours.

The Lumir Comfort coating is coloured throughout.

Lumir Hygiene

Acoustic coating for hospitals

The Lumir Hygiene surface quickly destroys any bacteria on it.

All Lumir Board surface textures (Spray and Comfort) and colours are available.

The Hygiene treatment does not interfere with the acoustic qualities of the surface.

The Lumir Hygiene surface has been tested against Escherichia coli and Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA) bacteria at the Aalto University. Test method Vainio- Kaila et al. (2017) BioResources 12(4), 7601- 7614

No living bacteria could be detected after two hour of exposure.

Lumir Hygiene does not contain any harmful additives.

Lumir Board DB acoustic wall

The Lumir Board DB acoustic wall has an acoustic Lumir Board® on both sides and on the surface Lumir Spray 6 mm or Lumir Comfort 8 mm.

With this acoustic wall, e.g. sockets do not weaken the dB value (>48 dB R’w).

It is easier to build a wall because there are only 2 types of panels / 1 type of stud.

Wall structure max. 4 m high


Lumir EDGE – plasterboard edge modules

Tailor-made cases and curved billets

Lumir EDGE is made-to-measure and quick to install. It saves your installation costs and there are fewer work stages. It is suitable for new builds as well as renovations.

The cardboard surface remains intact, no cardboard trim, no polishing, no dust.

Lumir EDGE makes it easy to encase pipes, upholster and finish both indoor and outdoor edges, recesses for lights, facias etc.

Neat and tidy, coated modules made-to-measure in one go – without wastage.

Malleable panels / with cardboard surface
– plasterboard panels
– fire-resistant panels
– moisture-resistant plasterboard panels
– acoustic plasterboard panels

Also, plasterboard battens with variable width for floor heating.

A quick and flexible delivery, we have a machine tool in our premises.