Clear your soundscape with Lumir acoustic solutions

Transform the walls and ceilings into visually appealing seamless acoustic surfaces

Lumir seamless acoustic solutions are based on a sprayable biofibre-based coating. The acoustic performance of the coating structures can be improved by using porous or acoustic materials, such as lightweight concrete, Lumir Wool (LW/mineral wool) or Lumir Board (LB/perforated gypsum) as the base material.

Lumir acoustic coatings can be sprayed on any kind of base material, and the surface texture of the coating can be processed from very rough to smooth. The material allows an even, seamless and through-colour surface. The result is a safe, durable, aesthetic, and ecological acoustic solution. Lumir gives you a freedom to integrate acoustic materials into any architectural vision.

Lumir sprayable acoustic coating is always applied by trained professionals. Even large surfaces are finished fast and efficiently, and our solution saves your time from unnecessary seaming or other extra work.

Lumir acoustic solutions in Finnish Parliament house. Lumir Board and Lumir Comfort acoustic coating is intalled on the screen wall. Image: Hanne Salonen/ Parliament House. 

Lumir acoustic solutions improve people´s quality of life – at homes and public spaces

The construction trends have focused on building large open spaces, where strong reverberation and noisiness may cause troubles in everyday living. Open learning environments, offices and double-height ceilings combined to bad acoustics decrease the learning and working efficiency as well as the general comfort of living. With good acoustics, we improve people´s health and overall wellbeing.

Seamless A-Class acoustic solution – Lumir Wool (LW) and acoustic coating

Are you dreaming of  a space with extremely well performing acoustics? Lumir creates A-Class acoustics with a process that guarantees the performance, still not compromising the interior design. The acoustic solution is based on the sprayable coating consisting over 80% of Finnish bio-fibres and Lumir Wool (LW). Structures can be designed of 20 mm or 40 mm thick mineral wool base and sprayed with 6-8 mm acoustic coating to form a seamless acoustic surface. We have been able to dramatically decrease the reverberation times for our customer projects, requiring excellent acoustics for the offices or home entertainment areas like media rooms etc.

Seamless and shockproof acoustic solution – Lumir Board (LB) and acoustic coating

For the hard usage spaces like schools and sports halls, we often recommend Lumir Board (gypsum board) acoustic solution. This solution is very fast to install even to very large surfaces; panelling and spraying with the acoustic coating in a chosen colour – ready.

Keljonkangas Comprehensive School, Jyväskylä. Colourful and seamless acoustic solutions by Lumir. Black and red acoustic walls are constructed by first installing Lumir Board (gypsum board) and then applying a layer of sprayable Lumir Comfort acoustic coating on top to form a seamless surface. 

Lumir acoustic solutions are sustainable and safe

The reaction-to-fire classification of all Lumir solutions is B-s1-d0. It’s a low-emission, class M1 product, tested by the VTT and the Finnish Institute of Occupational Health. Lumir´s solutions do not form formaldehyde or VOC emissions. As a bio-based product, Lumir stabilises indoor air humidity levels. The acoustic surface is easy to repair, and it stays unchanged for a very long time while reducing the carbon footprint of the space.

What makes the wood fibre as excellent acoustic material?

The Lumir acoustic coating is made of Finnish wood fibres. Binding agents are also derived from plants. The properties of bio-fibres make them excellent materials for sound absorption. The scientific studies have shown that the bio-fibres are more efficient sound absorbents than more traditional synthetic acoustic materials. Cucharero et al. 2021.

The natural binding agents give the surface great flexibility, and the result is very hard and durable. Lumir has been able to innovatively combine the principles of circular economy and the acoustic performance.


  • Seamless, acoustic solution for ceilings and walls
  • For new builds and renovations
  • Homes, offices, schools, restaurants, shopping malls, hotels and other public spaces (also historical and protected sites)


  • Aesthetic: seamless, unlimited forms and colours, hide AV and other technical equipements
  • Durable: easy to repair and stays unchanged for many years
  • Ecological: functions as a carbon sink during the product life cycle and therefore helps to reduce the carbon footprint of the space
  • Safe: do not form formaldehyde or VOC emissions.

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Coolia Lumir

Coolia Lumir ceiling cooling system provides a new way to cool the air inside buildings and improve the acoustics

Coolia Lumir is an acoustic and completely seamless suspended ceiling with a hydronic cooling system. The base of the ceiling is a Warmia Coolia acoustic panel sprayed with the Lumir Comfort coating. The system dampens reverberation effectively without losing any cooling or heating capacity.

The hydronic Coolia ceiling is a new and modern way to cool indoor air. It is based on the same radiant technology used to heat floors making it silent and draughtless, not to mention compact in size. It is also suitable for heating which saves costs in some locations.

Developed in Finland, Lumir Comfort is a surface coating, made mainly from Finnish biofibres. As with other Lumir products, the seamless Coolia Lumir cooling suspended ceiling can be tinted with the RAL or NCS colours.