Clear your soundscape naturally. Aesthetic, ecological and sustainable acoustic solutions.

We develop and manufacture visually appealing and sustainable acoustic solutions based on Finnish biofibres. Natural soundscape improves your overall wellbeing and quality of life.

We design seamless wall and ceiling acoustic solutions according to your specific needs with quick installation. Good room acoustics and effective reduction of reverberation at homes, schools, offices, and public spaces create harmonious and healthy living and working environment.

Let´s together create a soundscape of your life.

Visually aesthetic seamless acoustic walls or ceilings

  • How? Lumir acoustic bio-fibre based coating is sprayed on Lumir Board (LB) or Lumir Wool (LW) or on top of any hard base material. Read more about our acoustic solutions
  • You get our acoustic solutions in all colours
  • Suitable for new constructions and renovations
  • The featured two storey stone house has Lumir acoustic ceiling installed (Lumir Board and Lumir Comfort coating) that creates a harmonius soundscape in the spacious living area
  • Contact us and let´s create a natural soundscape to your own home
  • Please see our references for examples how Lumir acoustic solution can be used to create a natural soundscape in any kind of space
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Lumir creates a harmonious space

Room acoustics have a huge impact on the usability of the spaces. It directly effects our productivity, concentration, and overall well-being. Good acoustics may go completely unnoticed – poor acoustics, such as too strong reverberation, can make a space unpleasant.

We provide you the best room acoustics by applying a sprayable acoustic solutions and suitable base materials that are optimised to your specific needs in each space.

Read more about good acoustics or contact us via to learn how we can help you with the market´s best room acoustic solutions.

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Lumir acoustic solutions suit to all spaces

Lumir acoustic solutions don´t require any compromises to interior design or architecture. You can choose to install a completety discreet acoustic solution or design an eye-catching wall or ceiling with unlimited colours and structural forms.

We provide comprehensive acoustic solutions to any kind of spaces, ranging from high-end residential and shopping malls to historic buildings. See our references for further details.

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Lumir in bio- and circular economy

Lumir acoustic solutions are based strongly on science and for many years of research and development work. We use over 80% wood-based materials in our products, which makes them sustainable and safe for users. The properties of bio-fibres make them excellent materials for sound absorption.

We actively develop new break-through carbon negative acoustic materials, that will help the construction industry to become more environment friendly. We commit ourselves to take real actions, instead of ”green washing” our activity.

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