Safe and seamless acoustic walls and ceilings with quick installation

Effective reduction of reverberation for homes, public spaces, schools, offices and shops. Suitable for new builds as well as renovations.

  • Quick to install on large surfaces: frame, panel and spray – done.
  • Even, seamless, through-coloured surface with a desired texture, colour intact.
  • Healthy and durable, bio-based materials from Finland.

Seamless, acoustic suspended ceiling or wall with quick installation

The purpose-made Lumir Boards are attached to metal or wood frames. Then the panels are applied with a 6 mm coating of Lumir Spray or an 8 mm coating of Lumir Comfort. Both Lumir Spray and Comfort are through-coloured with the chosen RAL or NCS shade. The surface can also be finished to a desired texture.

Installing Lumir is actually easier than painting a gypsum plaster board ceiling.

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Lumir improves the usability of a space

Acoustics have an impact on the usability and comfort of spaces, on how we work, concentrate and understand. Good acoustics may go completely unnoticed – poor acoustics such as too strong reverberation can make a space useless.

Lumir is an acoustic surface from Finland. Lumir makes it easier to hear different pitches and thus understand speech better because it reduces reverberation time.

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Lumir is suitable for all kinds of spaces

Interior design is not restricted with regard to colour or form. Lumir is quick to install, it is safe – no negative impact on indoor air quality, no emissions, and it stabilises humidity levels. Lumir is perfect for ceilings and walls. Lumir can be used in e.g. sports halls due to its shockproof properties.

Installation is easy as there is no complicated foundation work. Lumir does not expand or shrink.  Lumir’s surface can take knocks and it can be polished because the material is through-coloured.

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Expert in acoustic surfaces

  • Lumir products are a result of many years of development. We are constantly developing new applications.
  • We work together with acoustics specialists.
  • We have installed Lumir products in various locations from single-family homes to shopping centres, protected buildings and the Parliament building.
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