Biofiber as acoustic material – ecological and sustainable choice

We use over 80% wood-based materials in our products, which makes them sustainable and safe for users.

Lumir acoustic solutions are currently based on a sprayable acoustically transparent biofibre-based coating. Plants produce cellulose by connecting carbon dioxide and water in the atmosphere. Chemically, approximately 44 % by weight of cellulose is atmospheric carbon, which, converted into carbon dioxide, corresponds to 1.55 kg of atmospheric carbon dioxide per kilogram of cellulose.

Thanks to its raw material base, Lumir’s acoustic coatings bind about 1.2 kilograms per CO2 square metre. Acoustic coatings can improve the carbon footprint of both new constructions and renovations. For example, during the renovation of the Finnish Parliament House, nearly 4 tonnes of atmospheric carbon dioxide was committed to the building, which is more than 80 years old, in the form of acoustic coatings. This corresponds to the emissions of approximately 30,000 km driven by passenger car – that is, almost 22 times Finland from end to end.

Lumir’s acoustic coating replaces more traditional materials

Synthetic acoustic products, traditionally based on mineral fibres or plastic foams, do not bind much of atmospheric carbon dioxide. Although the products can be partly made from recycled materials, their manufacture consumes energy that manifests itself as a negative carbon footprint. Biofiber production is very energy efficient and has a very small carbon footprint.

Lumir’s product life cycle is several dozen years. As a result, they bind atmospheric CO2 for much longer than traditional biofiber products such as paperboard or paper. In addition to improving acoustics, Lumir’s coatings can also be used to replace, for example, traditional spraying or even paintwork, which reduces the building’s environmental footprint and improves the comfort of living or working. The damaged coating can be repaired or the surface can be renewed by spraying a new layer on top of the previous surface, which extends the life of the products and improves the carbon footprint of the space.

The manufacturing process of our acoustic coating is very flexible, and our coatings are manufactured only on a site-by-site basis, which significantly reduces the generation of waste during the construction phase. Our coating will also remain wet for a very long time, which is why we can store small amounts of coating for possible repairs even for several months.

Lumir is a forerunner in responsible construction

Lumir biofibers are sourced from suppliers who are committed to the sustainable use of forests. The origin of the trees can be traced and they are mainly sourced from PEFC or FSC certified forests. Forest certification can be used to ensure that forests are managed in accordance with national legislation, forest management recommendations and sustainable development principles. At present, energy consumption during use accounts for the majority of the carbon footprint of buildings, but with energy efficiency and sustainable forms of energy, the share of building materials has increased in recent years. In the future, much more attention will be paid to the environmental impact of building materials, and alternative solutions will be sought for traditional solutions.

Lumir is already today providing you an answer to these challenges of tomorrow!

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