Runo boutique Hotel

Marika Lang

Runo boutique Hotel, Porvoo

Located in Old Porvoo, the historically protected Valtimontalo was built in 1912. The purpose of the building has changed from banking and residential use to offices and businesses.

The building was transformed into a stunning boutique hotel for the opening at the end of May and Lumir’s acoustic solutions can be found throughout the 1st floor public area (as an example, see the pictured beautiful dining room).

The seamless acoustic Lumir ceiling suits perfectly in the Art Nouveau style of the building. Lumir’s acoustic solutions are characterized by blending into the interior design either discreetly or alternatively acting as eye-catchers for the space, either through their colour or their chosen surface infrastructure.

Erkka Hirvonen (CEO&General Manager/Runo Hotel Porvoo) commented after the project: ”Lumir’s acoustic solution has made the acoustics of the hotel’s 1st floor public spaces very calm and soft and it provided us with the aesthetic minimalism we were aiming for the profile of the ceiling”.